•  We were promised a full repeal of Obamacare, and Republicans must keep their promise
  •  Companies must be allowed to sell health insurance across state lines. Price transparency will allow patients to shop for the best price
  •  Block grant money must be made available to states, and they must be allowed them to use it in the way that best suits the people of that state

“Integrity matters. Republicans made a promise, they passed repeal bills repeatedly. Now that we have a Republican President, their word can - and must - be kept. Does it need to be replaced? Only with free-market and state-oriented solutions because this is a people issue and the people need to be involved in the process.” ~ Mary Burkett



  • Federal government should keep national parks
  • States should be given control of other land, using a variety of established state agencies to manage
  • States should accept the responsibility to manage public lands a way that land management pays for itself

“Nameless, faceless bureaucrats in Washington D.C. - many who have never stepped foot in Western states - have no clue how to manage Western lands. They have a political agenda, devoid of genuine respect for the land, or for the citizens of America. The citizens of the various states are the best judges of how land should be used. Those citizens, by holding their state legislatures responsible, to do the will of the people, are the best check and balance." ~ Mary Burkett



  • Build wall along the Southern border
  • Withdraw all welfare benefits from people not in this country legally
  • Revamp legal immigration to cut down on the time and money needed to become legal in this country
  • Anyone already here illegally goes to the back of the line to become legal residents
  • Temporary travel ban on visitors from some Middle Eastern nations is appropriate

“We are a nation of legal immigration. We depend on legal immigrants to bring depth and breadth to our country. Legal immigrants have traditionally come to this country to add to it, become a part of the very fabric. Legal immigration must be reformed to ensure that only those who come here to add to this country’s greatness are given the privilege of being called Americans." ~ Mary Burkett



  • Balanced budget every year using a phased approach
  • Balanced budget amendment

"Budgets are important. No business in America succeeds without a budget; no family progresses without a budget. Congress has demonstrated their unwillingness to live within a budget, and only a Balanced Budget amendment will force Congress to live within a budget." ~ Mary Burkett



  • Constitutional carry rights:

“Read the Second Amendment to the Constitution. There is nothing more to say." ~ Mary Burkett



  •  With a balanced budget, limited taxes, and limited federal regulations, the economy will take off, entrepreneurship will blossom, and the federal government will have more income.

“Federal taxes and regulations stifle growth. Small businesses cannot be started, and small businesses cannot grow into large businesses as long as onerous federal taxes and regulations increase.”~ Mary Burkett



  • Climate change is not man made. The earth has been warming and cooling since recorded time. It will continue to do so with or without our interference.

“Even Al Gore said that if all 190+ countries adhered to the Paris Accords, the problem will not be solved. What does this tell us? Even 'experts' on climate change don’t know what they’re doing. Should we respect and use wisely the resources at our disposal? Of course. We all want clean air, clean water and a beautiful world. Individuals and states can best determine how to ensure a responsible approach to resources." ~ Mary Burkett



  • Abolish the federal Department of Education
  • States can handle education: State school boards set goals for each grade; individual school districts choose curriculum to reach those goals; individual principals and teachers design lessons to reach those goals
  • Eliminate all extras, including dual immersion programs, until all students are on par with the goals in their grade  

“Citizens of the 50 states can, and must, hold their state school boards responsible for educating their children without federal government interference. The goal of preparing children for a changing world, training them early to become part of an international work-force, is, at best, misguided. As children grow and change, they need the tools to discover what profession best suits them, with parental and local educators’ help. Federal government master planning is un-American." ~ Mary Burkett



  • All national security decisions must be made with the interests of the U.S. first
  • A booming economy makes us more secure

“Soft power - our national economy - is as important as hard power - weapons of war. A booming economy allows us to be strong in intangible ways to send the message that we, as people, are capable to great things.”~ Mary Burkett