Much Can Be Accomplished When Conservatives Band Together

I met with a group of women who are doing a great job of supporting each other in the workplace. Why do they need this support? They are conservative!

Can you imagine going to work every day and having to be careful about what you say to your co-workers? You have to listen, but you do not dare say what you believe because you know you will be ridiculed. These incredibly wise women have banded together to overcome the emotions of others, to speak up without fear, and to present their argument in a calm, rational, thoughtful way. 

They are setting a great example for all of us. They are talking to each other in ways that encourage and help. It's quite remarkable. 

May we all realize what CAN be done and not allow ourselves to become discouraged! 

~ Mary Burkett

Protecting conservative values is important to all Americans. In this week's video Republican Congressional candidate Mary Burkett explains how a group of women are working together to help one another speak out about the importance of their conservative values despite push-back from others in their workplace.