Gun Control Is Not The Solution To America's School Shooting Problem

Another school shooting is once again bringing out the best and the worst of us. 

The best in that acts of kindness, reaching out to help cope, heal and carry on are being seen.

The worst in that the liberals are calling for gun control. Guns are not the problem. The problems are services for mental health, a culture that respects life, parents who are willing to parent, and school security. ALL of these can be solved on the local level. 

Let's all grow up and stop looking for the federal government to parent us. We CAN solve these problems.

~ Mary Burkett

Yet another school shooting has again elicited calls for more gun control. However, the real problem that must be addressed is the lack of mental health treatment options available in communities across the United States. The 2nd Amendment is absolute, and all Americans are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms by the Constitution.