It's Time To Elect People Who Will Do The Hard Things

After spending time at the state capital, speaking to state legislators, I have become even more convinced that we must elect different people, a different way of thinking and a willingness to do the hard things. 

Without exception, even those who support the incumbent acknowledged that the deficit is a huge problem. We must get the federal government on a downward trajectory to extinguish this $20-trillion PLUS deficit. Even the new budget bill adds to the deficit! 

Career politicians will NEVER do hard things, no matter how much they say they will! I am NOT a career politician. I am running to be a servant, to serve the people of Utah's 2nd Congressional District. 

Zig Ziglar used to say, "If you keep doin' what you're doin', you'll keep gettiin' what you're gettin'. If you don't like what you're gettin', quit doin' what you're doin'!" Are you ready? I am!

~ Mary Burkett

The ever-increasing federal debt is creating a bleak legacy for our children, and our congressional representatives keep voting for increased spending. It's time to elect representatives who will make the hard choices, rein in government spending and get the debt and deficit under control.