Immigration Problems Require Long-Term Solutions

Immigration is one of those issues we need to think about long-term. Solutions so far are all short-term. We also don't seem to know who qualifies as a DREAMER? Who are these people? 

We need to take a phased approach:

1. Build the wall on the southern border

2. Deport any DACA (people who were brought here as children) recipients that have not taken advantage of the reprieve they were given by getting in line to become legal citizens

3. Revamp LEGAL immigration. 

The key is no amnesty. Give ourselves time to vet people who want to come here. We've seen the problems caused by not vetting. 

Let's learn from our errors and make sure we do better going forward. 

In addition, we must allow folks to experience the consequences of their behavior. You came here illegally? You've already broken the law. You know that if you're caught, there are consequences. It's like rolling dice. Win some, lose some. That sounds heartless, I know. But I believe that if we will ever be taken seriously, we must behave like a sovereign nation.

~ Mary Burkett

Immigration reform needs careful consideration and any new strategy must be long-term. Utah GOP Congressional Candidate Mary Burkett explains her views on immigration reform in her latest video.