Kindness Goes A Long Way In Human Interactions

In the process of campaigning, working on effectively using social media, I've seen rhetoric being used that demonstrate how uncivil we have become as a people. Calling names is bad enough; taking offense where none is intended is worse. Jokes and silliness are completely misinterpreted. 

It used to be said that familiarity breeds contempt. It seems in today's world, anonymity breeds contempt. Name-calling and criticism are all too easy because we get to use aliases and those names protect us from being called out. 

My goal in this campaign is to stay open, above-board, kind and civilized. Kindness seems to be a very basic standard. But for some reason, in politics, good behavior goes out the window. 

May we all look at ourselves and do a better job of expressing ourselves and disagreeing with kindness. It's the only way we will be able to call ourselves civilized.

~ Mary Burkett