The U.S. Must Continue To Support The Peaceful Protests In Iran

Demonstrations in Iran are important. The people there have recognized that they live in a totalitarian society and they want to overturn it. 

Back in 2009, President Obama had an opportunity to facilitate a peaceful overturn of government. He did not do it. President Trump, on the other hand, has been willing to support the uprisings and that will make a difference! If nothing else, it will give the demonstrators encouragement to continue on. 

Considering how the Iranian government has taken advantage of us, particularly in demanding payment, in cash, for their signature on a nuclear agreement that they had no intention of honoring, it is time to help the people of Iran to reform - and hopefully overthrow - their government. 

I do not believe in nation-building, but helping the people themselves to make changes is important to support in any way possible.


~ Mary Burkett

Utah U.S. House of Representatives candidate Mary Burkett discusses her view on our country's responsibility to support the peaceful protests currently occurring in Iran, as well as Senator Orrin Hatch's decision to retire.