All Life Deserves Protection

People tell me that I'm not being reasonable and practical at times. That's why sometimes I say that if we can't get a law changed, then we need to redouble our efforts to teach our children what is right. Just because something is legal, that does not make it right. 

Abortion is one of these issues. Having given birth six times, I know what it's like to have children. I know that babies in the womb are individuals. They are separate from their mother, only connected by a cord to supply them nutrition. Pregnant women do not have the right to take an innocent life, one separate from them, even though that life is within them.

Mothers are stewards. We are given a charge to help them through their development. We help them, but they are not us. They are separate beings with a right to life. 

I understand that many will take exception to this view. I won't win any friends, but I do believe that we can - and must - teach our children to respect life...all life. 

~ Mary Burkett

Abortion can be a divisive subject, but Utah Republican congressional candidate Mary Burkett breaks it down to a simple message: All life matters.