Take The Time To Pause And Give Thanks This Thanksgiving Holiday

This week is Thanksgiving, an important time for us all to pause from our overly-busy lives and give thanks. 

Freedom to worship as they felt best was the primary reason for people to take the risk of crossing an ocean to a new world where they could build their own lives. Over time, colonists came to understand that just as they wanted freedom to worship, others wanted that same freedom and they came to respect the right of others to believe as they chose. Many times when one group was struggling to build their church, their neighbors, many of other faiths, came forward to help complete the building. That's what neighbors do. That's what respect looks like. 

May we spend some time this Thanksgiving to remember why we are taking this pause, remember to count our blessings and to thank those around us who enrich our lives. 

~ Mary Burkett

Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, talks about the blessings we're all appreciating this Thanksgiving in this week's video.