Americans Must Break The Habit Of Expecting The Federal Government To Solve Every Problem

Why do members of Congress in both houses think that they have to "do something" about every issue that comes up in the media?

How did we get to be $20 trillion in debt? By allowing Congress to do something about every issues that comes up in the media.

Congress does not have the authority to solve all problems, to be all things to all people. This process of expecting Congress to fix everything has happened over time, and it will take time to get Americans out of the habit of expecting federal government to solve all problems. 

According to the Constitution, the states and individual citizens have the majority of rights. With those rights comes the privilege to solve their own problems, to bond with others to solve problems, or to work with their state legislatures to solve problems. In this way, accountability is ensured. Government closest to the people governs best because accountability closest to the people works best.

With the federal government involved in so many areas of our lives - areas in which they have no authority - career bureaucrats have input into our lives. These nameless, faceless bureaucrats have no place in our lives. It's going to take legislation, including laws to balance the budget every year, to end this federal intrusion, and that will take time. We must start now!

~ Mary Burkett

The nation's debt is OUT OF CONTROL! Congress needs to pass a balanced budget amendment, and tax reform is imperative. Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, explains her views on these and other important issues facing lawmakers in Washington D.C.