Congress Should Get Rid Of Ridiculous Over-Regulation

While visiting with relatives over the weekend, a cousin who owns a business that employs more than 100 people told us that his job, as President and owner of the company, is compliance officer. To what must his company comply? Government regulations, both federal and state. Rather than spending his time making new sales, finding new employees, or representing his company in the community, he spends his time ensuring that every project they do complies with government regulations. Some projects are so large that at any given time, it takes him and two other people to ensure that regulations are being met. 

People who make laws frequently have never owned businesses. They have no clue about how the laws they make stifle business growth. 

For the economy to grow in a lasting way, we have got to rid ourselves of ridiculous regulations. One way to do that is to eliminate federal government agencies that do nothing but stifle economic growth. The EPA is a big detriment to business and agriculture. It needs to be defunded so states can then take over those functions. States are closer to the people, and will be held accountable for unwise actions. Also, States can make regulations, if needed, more suitable to particular situations. When the EPA comes up with a regulation, it's one-size-fits-all and fits no real-life situation! 

Let's all look at the proper role of the federal government, and insist on electing people who not only understand it but will vote in Congress for getting the federal government out of our business! Literally.

~ Mary Burkett

Too many business managers and owners are forced to spend too much time working as "Compliance Officers," wasting too many hours making sure everything they do complies with cumbersome federal and state regulations.