Illegal Immigration Costs America Millions Of Dollars - We Must Emphasize Legal Immigration

Illegal immigrant families cost American taxpayers between $74,722 and $94,391 per illegal immigrant family per year. States like Illinois, on the verge of bankruptcy, pay in the billions annually to care for illegal immigrants. Teaching English to foreign-language-speaking students costs $761 million every year. These are just a few of the facts about how illegal immigration is costing us. 

In the absence of an effective natural geographic barrier on our southern border, the method used by many countries to establish a border, a wall on our southern border - similar to the wall Saudi Arabia is building on its northern border with Iraq - will not completely stop the flow but it would certainly further reduce it dramatically. In 2006, even Democrats voted to build a wall on our southern border. 

Not all illegal immigration comes from Mexico, and we must find solutions to all of the avenues of opportunity to disregard law. Without law enforcement, we cannot possibly remain a sovereign nation. 

There are solutions. It's simply a matter of not allowing liberals and their media allies to manipulate our emotions. We must emphasize legal immigration, revamp it to make it less expensive and take less time to come to this country legally. It is legal immigration that contributes to the fabric of this country. We need to embrace and enhance this vital part of our society.

~ Mary Burkett

Mary Burkett explains that illegal immigration is costly to the country, and is unfair to those who came to the U.S. legally. She is a proponent of immigration reform, and agrees that a border wall can help cut down on illegal immigration.