Gun Control Is Not The Solution To America's School Shooting Problem

Another school shooting is once again bringing out the best and the worst of us. 

The best in that acts of kindness, reaching out to help cope, heal and carry on are being seen.

The worst in that the liberals are calling for gun control. Guns are not the problem. The problems are services for mental health, a culture that respects life, parents who are willing to parent, and school security. ALL of these can be solved on the local level. 

Let's all grow up and stop looking for the federal government to parent us. We CAN solve these problems.

~ Mary Burkett

Yet another school shooting has again elicited calls for more gun control. However, the real problem that must be addressed is the lack of mental health treatment options available in communities across the United States. The 2nd Amendment is absolute, and all Americans are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms by the Constitution.

It's Time To Elect People Who Will Do The Hard Things

After spending time at the state capital, speaking to state legislators, I have become even more convinced that we must elect different people, a different way of thinking and a willingness to do the hard things. 

Without exception, even those who support the incumbent acknowledged that the deficit is a huge problem. We must get the federal government on a downward trajectory to extinguish this $20-trillion PLUS deficit. Even the new budget bill adds to the deficit! 

Career politicians will NEVER do hard things, no matter how much they say they will! I am NOT a career politician. I am running to be a servant, to serve the people of Utah's 2nd Congressional District. 

Zig Ziglar used to say, "If you keep doin' what you're doin', you'll keep gettiin' what you're gettin'. If you don't like what you're gettin', quit doin' what you're doin'!" Are you ready? I am!

~ Mary Burkett

The ever-increasing federal debt is creating a bleak legacy for our children, and our congressional representatives keep voting for increased spending. It's time to elect representatives who will make the hard choices, rein in government spending and get the debt and deficit under control.

Giving Up Freedom For An Illusion Of Security Is Unwise

Frequently when I'm out campaigning, people ask me why I'm running against an incumbent. It's a simple answer: I'm tired of being disappointed by candidates who say they are conservative but when I look at their voting record, it communicates a very different message.

For instance, Benjamin Franklin said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." The incumbent in this race voted to extend the FISA surveillance put into place after 9/11 when government decisions were made by the emotion of the day rather than taking constitutional concerns into account. To summarily presume guilt and throw a net over all Americans' data is anti-constitutional.

I believe in probable cause, that it must exist BEFORE any data are retrieved. In the present system, probable cause is found AFTER data are collected and the incumbent is okay with that! 

Ben Franklin was right. Giving up freedom for a modicum of security, an illusion of security, is unwise at best. This lack of wisdom, lack of foresight is one of the reasons I'm running.

~ Mary Burkett


Immigration Problems Require Long-Term Solutions

Immigration is one of those issues we need to think about long-term. Solutions so far are all short-term. We also don't seem to know who qualifies as a DREAMER? Who are these people? 

We need to take a phased approach:

1. Build the wall on the southern border

2. Deport any DACA (people who were brought here as children) recipients that have not taken advantage of the reprieve they were given by getting in line to become legal citizens

3. Revamp LEGAL immigration. 

The key is no amnesty. Give ourselves time to vet people who want to come here. We've seen the problems caused by not vetting. 

Let's learn from our errors and make sure we do better going forward. 

In addition, we must allow folks to experience the consequences of their behavior. You came here illegally? You've already broken the law. You know that if you're caught, there are consequences. It's like rolling dice. Win some, lose some. That sounds heartless, I know. But I believe that if we will ever be taken seriously, we must behave like a sovereign nation.

~ Mary Burkett

Immigration reform needs careful consideration and any new strategy must be long-term. Utah GOP Congressional Candidate Mary Burkett explains her views on immigration reform in her latest video. 

We Need A New Breed Of Politician

The government shut down over the weekend and this morning, the sun still came up. Will we ever learn that shutting down the federal government is not the catastrophe the media leads us to believe? 

Far too much of the federal government is duplication and bloat. Far too much of what the federal government does are things that you and I, as individuals, and our communities can handle. Far too much of what the federal government has taken upon itself is NOT mandated in the Constitution. Far too much of what the federal government does are things that We The People have abdicated. 

For these reasons, we must elect a different kind of person to represent us. We need people who are willing to make the hard calls, cut spending and show the American people HOW they can fix things themselves. We need people who are NOT looking to make a career in politics but understand that it is a privilege to SERVE. 

~ Mary Burkett

The recent federal government shut-down shows that the world keeps turning and America continues to function when many federal employees are not on the job. Mary Burkett explains in her latest video that many of the federal government's departments are unnecessary and that the states could do a better job with important functions like education and environmental protection.

Kindness Goes A Long Way In Human Interactions

In the process of campaigning, working on effectively using social media, I've seen rhetoric being used that demonstrate how uncivil we have become as a people. Calling names is bad enough; taking offense where none is intended is worse. Jokes and silliness are completely misinterpreted. 

It used to be said that familiarity breeds contempt. It seems in today's world, anonymity breeds contempt. Name-calling and criticism are all too easy because we get to use aliases and those names protect us from being called out. 

My goal in this campaign is to stay open, above-board, kind and civilized. Kindness seems to be a very basic standard. But for some reason, in politics, good behavior goes out the window. 

May we all look at ourselves and do a better job of expressing ourselves and disagreeing with kindness. It's the only way we will be able to call ourselves civilized.

~ Mary Burkett

The U.S. Must Continue To Support The Peaceful Protests In Iran

Demonstrations in Iran are important. The people there have recognized that they live in a totalitarian society and they want to overturn it. 

Back in 2009, President Obama had an opportunity to facilitate a peaceful overturn of government. He did not do it. President Trump, on the other hand, has been willing to support the uprisings and that will make a difference! If nothing else, it will give the demonstrators encouragement to continue on. 

Considering how the Iranian government has taken advantage of us, particularly in demanding payment, in cash, for their signature on a nuclear agreement that they had no intention of honoring, it is time to help the people of Iran to reform - and hopefully overthrow - their government. 

I do not believe in nation-building, but helping the people themselves to make changes is important to support in any way possible.


~ Mary Burkett

Utah U.S. House of Representatives candidate Mary Burkett discusses her view on our country's responsibility to support the peaceful protests currently occurring in Iran, as well as Senator Orrin Hatch's decision to retire. 

We Can Make The World A Better Place

As we move through this week, looking forward to Christmas, may we remember that not everyone is having a holiday to remember. Let's make this holiday memorable by finding those around us to lift up, to listen to and to love. It can be the simplest thing, like a little home-baked loaf of banana bread or a plate of cookies, that will bring warmth and kindest to another's life. 

Find your community's Angel Tree or Sub for Santa and provide Christmas for a family that's struggling. Visit an elderly neighbor. Put a note in the mail to someone who has served you, someone who is lonely or sad. Call that long-lost relative. Set aside differences. Forgive. 

We can make the world a better place in the way we live our lives. Let's just do it! One small deed can truly light the world!

~ Mary Burkett

As Christmas approaches, Mary Burkett discusses the importance of giving to and caring about one another. 

Acts Of Kindness And Generosity Occur Every Day In Our Country

Because it's December and we're thinking about Christmas, I want to fill my mind and heart with positive news stories. 

One in particular really touched me. 

A young police officer was called out to investigate a possible convenience store robbery. As he walked around the building to investigate, he came upon a young woman sitting behind the building about to inject heroin. Rather than arrest her immediately, the officer knelt down and talked to her. She told him her life story and he noticed that she was pregnant. To talk her out of injecting the heroin, he offered to adopt her unborn child. This offer made a difference in this young woman's life and the life of her unborn child. 

This police officer is a young father of four children. The youngest was just 10 months old at the time. When he called his wife and told her what he had done, she readily agreed because they had already discussed adopting in the future.

When the baby was born - a little girl they named Hope - her birth mother knew that the child was going to a loving family. I believe that this young woman is out there somewhere turning her life around because of the kindness of a stranger. 

In the very least, a baby has been given a chance at a life full of love. 

These acts of extraordinary kindness and generosity occur every day in this country. Let's you and I determine that we will be among those who make life better for others every day. 

~ Mary Burkett

America is filled with kindness and generosity; even during difficult times, there is compassion and caring everywhere. In this week's video, Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, sends a message of hope, kindness, compassion and giving this holiday season.

The Value Of Being A Religious Nation

Are we a Judeo-Christian nation? It's the question we ask year after year. With very little effort, anyone can read about how our Founders were believers.

They didn't all agree about how to worship, but they relied on "providence" to guide them. The Founders set the example for us all by being respectful of each other's beliefs and coming together on issues they agreed about. Believing in God was one area on which they agreed. It's an important example for us all. This video from a Harvard professor, who happens to be a Christian, describes beautifully the value of being a religious nation. 

Top among the freedoms guaranteed to Americans by our Constitution is the freedom to practice the religion of our choice. The Founding Fathers believed religion is important in protecting the morals of our nation, since people who have faith in God believe in caring for and helping one another.



Take The Time To Pause And Give Thanks This Thanksgiving Holiday

This week is Thanksgiving, an important time for us all to pause from our overly-busy lives and give thanks. 

Freedom to worship as they felt best was the primary reason for people to take the risk of crossing an ocean to a new world where they could build their own lives. Over time, colonists came to understand that just as they wanted freedom to worship, others wanted that same freedom and they came to respect the right of others to believe as they chose. Many times when one group was struggling to build their church, their neighbors, many of other faiths, came forward to help complete the building. That's what neighbors do. That's what respect looks like. 

May we spend some time this Thanksgiving to remember why we are taking this pause, remember to count our blessings and to thank those around us who enrich our lives. 

~ Mary Burkett

Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, talks about the blessings we're all appreciating this Thanksgiving in this week's video. 

We Must Remember - And Honor - Our Military Veterans

This past weekend we honored our veterans, those who have served our country in the military. We feel particularly moved by those who paid the ultimate price, giving their lives in service to our country. 

While visiting the American cemetery in Nettuno, Italy, I came across the grave of a young man named Paul K. Jacobson. He was from Utah and died April 12, 1944, while serving in the 1st Armored Division, 81st Reconnaissance Battalion. He enlisted in June of 1943 in Salt Lake City and was 23 years old. He was an unmarried high school graduate who had been working as a cook. He was in the Army less than a year when he died. 

I've often wondered about this young man's family and what his parents must have experienced when they were notified of his death. 

My own father turned 100 years old this weekend. He is a World War II and Korean War veteran. My brother is a Vietnam veteran. One of my daughters served in the Army, and a granddaughter is presently in the National Guard. Two of my nephews - brothers - have served in the Middle East. One of them is also married to a young woman who served in Iraq. She came home with tuberculosis. All are proud to have served. 

Only 1 in 30 World War II veterans is still living, and I hope families are capturing the memories of these heroes. We must remember - and honor - those who have gone before and have preserved our ability to be an exceptional people. 

~ Mary Burkett

Remembering the service and commitment to our nation of current and former members of the U.S. military is important every day, not just on Veterans Day. Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District's seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, explains her views on the importance of honoring American military veterans.

All Life Deserves Protection

People tell me that I'm not being reasonable and practical at times. That's why sometimes I say that if we can't get a law changed, then we need to redouble our efforts to teach our children what is right. Just because something is legal, that does not make it right. 

Abortion is one of these issues. Having given birth six times, I know what it's like to have children. I know that babies in the womb are individuals. They are separate from their mother, only connected by a cord to supply them nutrition. Pregnant women do not have the right to take an innocent life, one separate from them, even though that life is within them.

Mothers are stewards. We are given a charge to help them through their development. We help them, but they are not us. They are separate beings with a right to life. 

I understand that many will take exception to this view. I won't win any friends, but I do believe that we can - and must - teach our children to respect life...all life. 

~ Mary Burkett

Abortion can be a divisive subject, but Utah Republican congressional candidate Mary Burkett breaks it down to a simple message: All life matters.

Americans Must Break The Habit Of Expecting The Federal Government To Solve Every Problem

Why do members of Congress in both houses think that they have to "do something" about every issue that comes up in the media?

How did we get to be $20 trillion in debt? By allowing Congress to do something about every issues that comes up in the media.

Congress does not have the authority to solve all problems, to be all things to all people. This process of expecting Congress to fix everything has happened over time, and it will take time to get Americans out of the habit of expecting federal government to solve all problems. 

According to the Constitution, the states and individual citizens have the majority of rights. With those rights comes the privilege to solve their own problems, to bond with others to solve problems, or to work with their state legislatures to solve problems. In this way, accountability is ensured. Government closest to the people governs best because accountability closest to the people works best.

With the federal government involved in so many areas of our lives - areas in which they have no authority - career bureaucrats have input into our lives. These nameless, faceless bureaucrats have no place in our lives. It's going to take legislation, including laws to balance the budget every year, to end this federal intrusion, and that will take time. We must start now!

~ Mary Burkett

The nation's debt is OUT OF CONTROL! Congress needs to pass a balanced budget amendment, and tax reform is imperative. Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, explains her views on these and other important issues facing lawmakers in Washington D.C.

Congress Should Get Rid Of Ridiculous Over-Regulation

While visiting with relatives over the weekend, a cousin who owns a business that employs more than 100 people told us that his job, as President and owner of the company, is compliance officer. To what must his company comply? Government regulations, both federal and state. Rather than spending his time making new sales, finding new employees, or representing his company in the community, he spends his time ensuring that every project they do complies with government regulations. Some projects are so large that at any given time, it takes him and two other people to ensure that regulations are being met. 

People who make laws frequently have never owned businesses. They have no clue about how the laws they make stifle business growth. 

For the economy to grow in a lasting way, we have got to rid ourselves of ridiculous regulations. One way to do that is to eliminate federal government agencies that do nothing but stifle economic growth. The EPA is a big detriment to business and agriculture. It needs to be defunded so states can then take over those functions. States are closer to the people, and will be held accountable for unwise actions. Also, States can make regulations, if needed, more suitable to particular situations. When the EPA comes up with a regulation, it's one-size-fits-all and fits no real-life situation! 

Let's all look at the proper role of the federal government, and insist on electing people who not only understand it but will vote in Congress for getting the federal government out of our business! Literally.

~ Mary Burkett

Too many business managers and owners are forced to spend too much time working as "Compliance Officers," wasting too many hours making sure everything they do complies with cumbersome federal and state regulations. 

Illegal Immigration Costs America Millions Of Dollars - We Must Emphasize Legal Immigration

Illegal immigrant families cost American taxpayers between $74,722 and $94,391 per illegal immigrant family per year. States like Illinois, on the verge of bankruptcy, pay in the billions annually to care for illegal immigrants. Teaching English to foreign-language-speaking students costs $761 million every year. These are just a few of the facts about how illegal immigration is costing us. 

In the absence of an effective natural geographic barrier on our southern border, the method used by many countries to establish a border, a wall on our southern border - similar to the wall Saudi Arabia is building on its northern border with Iraq - will not completely stop the flow but it would certainly further reduce it dramatically. In 2006, even Democrats voted to build a wall on our southern border. 

Not all illegal immigration comes from Mexico, and we must find solutions to all of the avenues of opportunity to disregard law. Without law enforcement, we cannot possibly remain a sovereign nation. 

There are solutions. It's simply a matter of not allowing liberals and their media allies to manipulate our emotions. We must emphasize legal immigration, revamp it to make it less expensive and take less time to come to this country legally. It is legal immigration that contributes to the fabric of this country. We need to embrace and enhance this vital part of our society.

~ Mary Burkett

Mary Burkett explains that illegal immigration is costly to the country, and is unfair to those who came to the U.S. legally. She is a proponent of immigration reform, and agrees that a border wall can help cut down on illegal immigration. 

Gun Control Does Not Stop Crime

With all the talk of the Las Vegas massacre and the anti-gun folks using this incident as impetus to bring up gun control AGAIN, we need only to point to the city of Chicago. It has the toughest gun laws in the country and one of the highest murder rates. Gun control does not work!

In addition, the Constitution states clearly that the right of the American people to have guns "shall not be infringed." Why? Because the Founders knew human nature. They knew that once people get power, they will do anything to keep it. They were very clear that a free people needed the capability of defending themselves against tyrants. 

Do people sometimes misuse guns? Yes, they do. And there are laws in place to hold them accountable. Those laws must be enforced. Because some idiot is going to do something stupid does not mean that everyone must be penalized. 

Getting back to our constitutional roots is the only way we will ever get back on the right track.

~ Mary Burkett 

Gun control cannot work because it's the person, not the gun, that makes the decision whether to use it. Mary Burkett, Republican candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, explains the difference between conservative and liberal views on the Constitution and gun control. Preserving 2nd Amendment rights is a priority for Mary Burkett!

Las Vegas Shooting Shows How Americans Look Out For One Another In Times Of Tragedy

Tragedy has once again struck in our great country and Americans, as they do, have moved into action. There are reports of folks lined up around the block where the Red Cross in Las Vegas is taking blood donations, the most vital need right now. 

In our town, less than two hours from Las Vegas, the Red Cross is asking for blood donations today. I'll be headed over there shortly. 

The stories coming out of Las Vegas about how people helped others, saved lives and assisted first responders are quite remarkable. It's difficult to not be emotional when hearing and reading about how We the People look out for each other in times of trouble. 

May we all remember to pray for the wounded, the health care providers caring for them, and the families who have lost loved ones. 

When we come together, there is nothing we cannot overcome!

~ Mary Burkett

Mary Burkett donates blood to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting

Mary Burkett donates blood to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting